Minty Leopard vs. Coral Leopard

Hey lovelies!

How are you all doing? ♥

I'm finally back home, having a proper internet connection and having a chance to write a fresh post, yay! Last week was so much fun, but it was also pretty tiring even though I got some much needed relaxation. I'll be posting about the trip within a couple of weeks, so be patient while waiting to see the photos. ;)

Today, however, I have another nail art post for you. I really try to think of new, more inspired posts for you as soon as I can, and you can also suggest posts you'd like to see here. :)

But, without further rambling, to this day's post:

 photo 9c3cd782-348e-4723-acb1-4ce93cd1b4ee.jpg

First of the two manicures you see today. This one was actually inspired by a scarf I have, a mint-colored one with light green leopard print. The accent nails were kinda random, but I liked them, so...

 photo 9936e305-73a2-43dd-89dd-f032a3dc1990.jpg

The polishes I used here were Essie Mint Candy Apple, Ciate Mojito, Kiss Nail Art Pen (turquoise) Essie Licorice and China Glaze Pizzazz.

 photo 805dd98a-5027-4bbb-b85d-65f742611c91.jpg

This one was very easy one to do, even though it may look complicated due to the leopard print. I'm sure everyone could learn to do this. :)

 photo 879a34b6-243c-47ec-b7cc-33681e5c438b.jpg

Look at the China Glaze Pizzazz glistening on the sunlight. I think it's such a beautiful glitter polish!

 photo e37a0e4f-b024-410a-a2f0-eb848869a276.jpg

In the next photos, you'll see I've used some tanning lotion. I never get any color from the sun (boo) so in summer, it's nice to cheat a bit and use some help to try and look a bit more sunkissed than I otherwise would. So, still my nails even though the skin suggest otherwise. :D

 photo 08761b88-0203-42ed-84f7-fba1d22bf03f.jpg

This is probably one of my favorite manis of this summer, I love the neon coral color and the combination of the animal prints.

 photo 2f2dbf1d-73c6-4011-b39a-737f316ff467.jpg

The polishes here are China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, China Glaze I'm Not Lion and Essie Licorice. I think the colors played very well together, and would totally use them like this again.

 photo 1fe43e37-0cd8-4656-9721-070568e17f15.jpg

Seriously, just look at that coral color! Amazing!!!

 photo bcbf045c-7e16-47bb-98f9-d8ca9345f755.jpg

I could've done a better job with the tiger print, but hey, that's just something to work on when the weather is too cold to go out and spend time there, right?

 photo 2e0ae4f5-6fc5-4acb-addf-7ca418c2591f.jpg

So, the question is, what do you think about these two? And, which one is your favorite? ♥

I'm off now, going to try whether I can get my Sims 2 to run properly (lol, I'm such a nerd) but I'll be back soon with new posts. ;)

Have a fantastic day!

Blog ya later,




  1. I love the light green leopard print; but ohmigosh that neon coral - exquisite. You are such an incredible mani artist, Johanna!! :)

  2. I love the green colours in the first design!

  3. Choosing my favorite between the two is hard, I love them both! But if I really have to choose, I'll go with the neon coral nail art just because coral is my favorite color. :)

    1. Haha, nice to know they both look cute :) Thank you so much Kim! ♥


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