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I hope you're all having a great weekend so far - I just finished watching my favorite hockey team's game, which they lost (boo), but still, it was fun to see them in action after such a long while. But now, I decided to come and share with you my recent MUA Cosmetics purchase that arrived yesterday.

 photo DSC04648Large.jpg

The box was small and filled with bubble wrap. And like always, everything was whole and perfect when they got to me - and in 5 days, so thank you MUA, you never seem to disappoint me. You can imagine how this made my day when I was sick at home and the mailman rang the doorbell, giving this to me.

 photo DSC04651Large.jpg

I like to order makeup products from MUA as they are very affordable, but still they have a lot of quality to them. Of course, not everything is exactly like the similar one from the more expensive brand - like their glitter eye liners, that (at least for me) don't feel as good as similar ones from Make Up Store - which are many times the price. But otherwise, I've found the products good for everyday use as well as for creating party makeup, so if you haven't gotten familiar with them, you totally should. Above you can see what I got from there, and below I will tell more about them individually.

 photo DSC04652Large.jpg

False lashes - Flair (sale)

While I'm not a huge fan of fake lashes in any form, it's sometimes nice to play it up a little and have longer, more visible lashes. These were also half off, so I thought I'd give them a try. The few times I actually bother to use this kind of things, I like them to be more natural looking, so that's why I bought so light ones. Of course they have these in more dramatic styles as well, but they just aren't for me.

 photo DSC04656Large.jpg

Waterproof liquid liner - Black

I'm currently trying to figure out the best liquid liner for me, so I thought, why not try this one as well. Though, after seeing the rubber tip (yes, you heard me) I became a bit skeptical about the product. The stuff itself is nice, is pretty black, has enough pigment and feels nice to skin, but I'm not the biggest fan of the brush there. So probably this won't be a new favorite, but it's okay till I find something with a better brush.

If you have a favorite liquid liner, please recommend one in the comment box, your help would be greatly appreciated!

 photo DSC04658Large.jpg

Intense colour eyeliner - Lovely Lilac & Royal Blue

As the fashion gets a bit less colorful during Autumn and Winter, I like to compensate a bit with my nails and makeup. So I found these two liners just perfect for creating more colorful looks for every day wear. Imagine these with long, black lashes and nude lips - for example. I'm sure you'll see these here quite a bit later on.

 photo DSC04659Large.jpg

Eyebrow pencil - Blonde

Even though I absolutely love the eyebrow kit from Wet N Wild (which includes to brow colors, wax, brush and tweezers - and a mirror), I find that for some looks, even the lighter color is a bit dark for my features. So I'm trying this out to see if it would be a bit more natural looking. Pictures will follow later.

 photo DSC04660Large.jpg

On the other end of the pencil, there's a brush. It feels softer to touch than it looks, so I think it will be pretty good to use. Again, this remains to be seen.

 photo DSC04663Large.jpg

Matte lipsticks - Scarlet Siren & Pouty Pink

I have five or six of MUA's lipsticks in use already, and for their price, I find they are extremely awesome. So when they released these matte shades, I thought I should give them a try. As I'm still unsure if I like the trend or not, these 1£ lipsticks are perfect for trying the trend. More pictures of trying these out will follow next week.

 photo DSC04664Large.jpg

Here you can see the products mentioned above swatched on my hand. Even though the matte lipsticks look like they're shiny here, they are not. The picture is just lying. But like mentioned, better pics will follow later!

 photo DSC04653Large.jpg

Fashionista Diamond Rocks - Red Diamond (sale)

As you know, I'm pretty obsessed with nail art stuff, so finding this one from sale was something I couldn't just pass. I really love the color here and I think it's perfect for Autumn manicures - and maybe even for Christmas. Seriously, I can't wait to wear this on my nails!

 photo DSC04668Large.jpg

Ever After matte eye shadow palette

So far, I've been having a hard time with my eye shadows as I've never had the right shades for a neutral matte look in the same palette - and it's somehow idiotic to carry around three palettes if you need to do an everyday look on the road/while travelling. I'm hoping this product here will be the solution for my problem, as it has quite light shades, which my face will be very thankful for.

The shades also have cute names:

#1 Unwrap
#2 Butter
#3 Bare 
#4 Taffeta
#5 Fade
#6 Penny
#7 Chino
#8 Truffle
#9 Fog
#10 Smoke

 photo DSC04670Large.jpg

Swatching this palette, however, was quite impossible (read: I'm too inexperienced to do it right) as the light shades don't really show much against my skin. The swatches are are in the same order as they are in the palette, so if you wanna know which is which, just see the list above. The thing I love here is that the darkest shade is dark brown instead of black, but then I don't understand why there is this one sole grey shade. Oh well, it's a pretty shade anyway.

Are you familiar with MUA Cosmetics? Have you tried their products? ♥

That's all I have for you today, but I'll be back pretty soon with another post!

Have a fabulous weekend ♥

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  1. I love MUA make up. They do great stuff. Love the look of those lipsticks.

    1. I know, right? I love the lipsticks too, I need to try them out properly once I've given a proper peeling from my poor lips :D

  2. great buys,, i love their eyeshadows and makeup brushes..x

    1. Thanks, and if a makeup artist like you say the brushes are good, I need to try them ;) ♥

  3. wow what a great haul, i've never tried any MUA products yet!

    1. Well, you should, they're awesome and extremely affordable ;) ♥

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Alessia, I really do love them a lot too ♥


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