Trip To North, Day 4

Hey everyone!

Hope your week has been great so far ♥

It's a cloudy, grey day here in my city, and I'm spending it inside knitting (yes, again) and reading blogs. What a great time. Later tonight, we're going to watch some hockey with boys - which is so cool. I just love hockey season, can't wait for NHL season to properly start.

But, what I really wanted to share with you today is the fourth day of our trip to north. That day, we were visiting Ranua Zoo, which I was super excited about.

 photo DSC03568Large.jpg

Loving the look of this super modern fire extinguishing system. They had few of these around the park and I couldn't resist taking a pic.

 photo DSC03569Large.jpg

The same message in four languages.

 photo DSC03571Large.jpg

Okay, let's see some animals, shall we? I'd rather let the pictures speak for themselves this time, so, more pics, less blabbering.

 photo DSC03575Large.jpg

 photo DSC03572Large.jpg

These cuties had just had babies, so they kinda stayed in one huge pile taking care of each other. So adorable!

 photo DSC03580Large.jpg

 photo DSC03583Large.jpg

Sleepy much, honey? :D

 photo DSC03606Large.jpg

 photo DSC03597Large.jpg

 photo DSC03612Large.jpg

 photo DSC03615Large.jpg

 photo DSC03621Large.jpg

One of the things I loved the most in the park were the bears, both polar bears and the regular brown bears. They had a feeding when we were there, which was so much fun to see. I strongly recommend going there during the feedings, you get to see the animals more.

 photo DSC03626Large.jpg

This guy was taking it easy.

 photo DSC03632Large.jpg

"Give me food, look, I'm doing a trick for it!"

 photo DSC03633Large.jpg

 photo DSC03634Large.jpg

Enjoying his yummy treat. (Frozen berries, fish and stuff.)

 photo DSC03638Large.jpg

 photo DSC03640Large.jpg

Reindeer ♥ I love these guys, so pretty.

 photo DSC03644Large.jpg

Taking a peaceful afternoon nap.

 photo DSC03647Large.jpg

 photo DSC03648Large.jpg

This one had a great disguise. Sorry for a quite little photo, but I don't have a proper equipment to photograph things that are very far, so I had to crop this quite a lot...

 photo DSC03650Large.jpg

 photo DSC03659Large.jpg

The duck mom was telling her little ones it was feeding time.

 photo DSC03664Large.jpg

 photo DSC03666Large.jpg

Bird babies ♥

 photo DSC03670Large.jpg

And their curious momma.

 photo DSC03671Large.jpg

After seeing all the animals eat, and walking around for hours (and having a light sandwich lunch) we decided it was time to get some dinner once we were back in Kuusamo. We went to restaurant called Martina, which serves quite nice basic food.

 photo DSC03673Large.jpg

 photo DSC03678Large.jpg

Honey Chicken ♥ Gosh how good this tasted!

 photo DSC03679Large.jpg

 photo DSC03681Large.jpg

Fiance's beer. That was quite a good dark one, I gotta say.

Of course, my outfit for a day like this was very easygoing. And pretty much the same I wore before. But, here goes, a couple of outfit photos.

 photo DSC03683Large.jpg

 photo DSC03687Large.jpg

 photo DSC03697Large.jpg

Tee: Linkin Park gig Shorts: SpiritStore Shoes: Puma Cap: KalPa shop Aviators: H&M Bag: Boohoo

 photo DSC03700Large.jpg

Ring: JC

 photo DSC03707Large.jpg

 photo DSC03711Large.jpg

So, a simple and super casual look. I wasn't prepared much for being in front of the camera, so... :D But this wasn't a fashion trip, so it's more than okay.

Now, will go make a cup of tea and enjoy some fresh cake pops I baked yesterday (recipe will follow). But, I'll be back soon with another post. ;)

Have a fabulous day! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. AWW the bear!! I love zoos hehe .. thanks for sharing Johanna xo

    1. I love zoos too - and yeah, he's a cutie alright :) ♥

  2. The animals are so beautiful and the bear really wanted some treat.
    I am so liking the neon bag with your outfit!

    1. Thanks love, that neon bag is so lovely, I like it a lot! ♥

  3. OMG. These animals are the cutest ever! And I love your look. The t-shirt looks great.

    1. Thank you! I love that t-shirt too, one of my favorites :) ♥

  4. Ihana ihana ii-haaa-naa toi laukku! <3 Pakko klikkailla heti boohoolle ja kurkata vieläkö olis tarjolla ja missä väreissä. :)

    1. Hihi, eikö ole mahtava! Ainakin vielä näin sunnuntai-iltana löytyy hyvin samanlainen keltaisena alesta täältä:

      Ja samaa tyyliä löytyy myös vähän syksyisempinä versioina täältä:


      ja täältä:

      Toivottavasti linkeistä olis jotain iloa :D

  5. lovely pics dear!!love your bag!!


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