Kuopio Petting Zoo ♥

Heya lovelies!

How was your weekend? ♥

I've been relaxing and doing some DIYs, like you could have seen on my Instagram. This is so what I need before the last week before the school. I can't believe I'll get back to school after few days. It's pretty exciting, even if my schedule will be crazy. That just means I need to learn some beforehand writing for that. ;)

Anyways, today I really wanted to share some pictures from the beginning of July with you. I've been crazy busy, taken that I never posted these before. But here you go:

 photo DSC09835Large.jpg photo DSC09836Large.jpg


 photo DSC09843Large.jpg

...sparkling wine...

 photo DSC09846Large.jpg

...and other treats.

Not a bad way to start my already-gone summer vacation. We headed to Kuopio, where I used to live before, and planned to see friends and family there. Not many pictures from the week, since it was rainy and we didn't do too much, but on Friday, we went to a petting zoo.

 photo DSC09861Large.jpg photo DSC09864Large.jpg photo DSC09865Large.jpg photo DSC09876Large.jpg photo DSC09905Large.jpg photo DSC09913Large.jpg photo DSC09917Large.jpg photo DSC09920Large.jpg photo DSC09928Large.jpg photo DSC09960Large.jpg photo DSC09964Large.jpg

Making friends with a cute little pig.

 photo DSC00016Large.jpg photo DSC00026Large.jpg photo DSC00028Large.jpg photo DSC00036Large.jpg photo DSC00039Large.jpg photo DSC00046Large.jpg photo DSC00052Large.jpg photo DSC00054Large.jpg

This was the first day of the week that at least tried to be sunny. At least a bit. So it was the perfect time to go see some animals. And there, they actually let you to pet animals, which is pretty cool to me. It's another story whether the animals let you touch them, though.

After this, it was time to head to the center and get something to eat:

 photo DSC00059Large.jpg photo DSC00061Large.jpg photo DSC00062Large.jpg photo DSC00067Large.jpg

We went to Kummisetä, which is definitely a restaurant I would recommend. They have great choices on meals, and they clearly let you know on the menu whether it's gluten free or not. And that is a deal-breaker for me nowadays. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact they serve gluten free cheesecake. And it was super tasty as well.

As for the outfit, I had to go for a bit warmer one than I had hoped. But luckily, a good pair of leggings gets you pretty far.

 photo DSC00076Large.jpg photo DSC00098Large.jpg photo DSC00128Large.jpg photo DSC00093Large.jpg photo DSC00117Large.jpg

Dress: secondhand Leggings: SpiritStore Shoes: SpiritStore Jacket: VILA Sunglasses: H&M Necklace: Gina Tricot Bracelets: Europehouse, Gina Tricot, H&M Rings: Gina Tricots

So, that's my look for that day. I really kinda liked it, even if it's not the most usual me.

Let me know what you think about this post, and the outfit, in the comments below ♥

Later, I'll be sharing another Kuopio outfit with you, and also, there will be a little DIY post. Hopefully, I will fit other posts in this week as well. See you soon!

Have a great day, dolls!


  1. Oh, so many cute and adorable animals and the food looks so delicious that I am hungry suddenly. Your outfit is cool as always!

  2. Awwww all those animals are so cute!! I want a pet now. I love your outfit too - such amazing shoes.


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