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Yesterday, I was enjoying an nice early morning followed by a relaxing day with some Halloween prepping and a nice long phone call with a friend. No better way to start the week than that! Today, I wanted to share some shots from a trip to Kuopio, when we went boating with our friends and also at the end of the post, my outfit for the day.

DSC00132 (Large)DSC00134 (Large)DSC00137 (Large)DSC00140 (Large)

I really love the views in Kuopio, the lake and the forests make the city absolutely beautiful. And even though I don't live there anymore, it always feels like a home in my heart. I'm hoping we can make a trip there this Autumn before all the leaves fall, I would love to photograph there.  And take outfit pictures, because that hasn't happened enough lately.

Like mentioned, here's also my outfit. Don't mind the hair, I liked it a bit messy that day.

DSC00155 (Large)DSC00185 (Large)DSC00169 (Large)DSC00184 (Large)

 Shirt: secondhand Jeggings: secondhand Scarf: secondhand Booties: SpiritStore Necklace: Gina Tricot

As many of you know, I love thrift shops and finding items from them. So it's probably no wonder that at time to time I'm wearing thrifted items nearly from head to toe. My shoes I rather buy new because they're not that easy to wash and they can be a bitch if the wear doesn't fit my foot. But other thatn that, I love buying old stuff because it's more affordable and you can find items people don't have/they don't actively wear at the moment. So it's also a good way to keep your style little more unique.

Should I say something specific about this look? Well, I went with Autumn colors and one of my favorite pairs of shoes, so that's pretty good choice for this time of the year. I love the texture on the jeggings quite a bit, I think it looks very nice in Autumn outfits. I'm hoping I will get more outfits shot this week, but do not worry, I have quite a bit material waiting in archives. 

What do you think about this look, or the views? Let me know in the comments!

I will see you again tomorrow, and it will be either Halloween or food related. Haven't quite decided yet. If you want to stay updated, remember to add the blog to your reading list, or follow me in social media since I usually tell there when a new post is up. 

Have a fabulous day ♥

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