Staying Warm

Heya babes!

How are you all? Are you having a nice Easter? ♥

We had a little extempore shopping trip today, and I ended up finding a huge pile of accessories on sale. ;) (Oops.) I also tried if it was already a warm enough weather for shorts with tights - which it wasn't - and got some people looking at me like I was crazy. Though, going out in short pants, I seriously was a bit crazy. :D

Anyway, today I thought I'd share an outfit from around Valentine's Day (or so). I think I'm finally starting to really define my style a bit which is a big relief because it will help to reorganize my closet (once again) and to get rid of unnecessary stuff (even more than before). But first, something other than my style:

 photo DSC09255.jpg

The most adorable little pastry my fiance got for me as a V-Day gift. And later he bought roses, so I must say I felt a bit spoiled. I'm amazed he still, after so much time together, has the energy and will to go and buy these little things to make my day.

So, later that day, we headed out to run some errands, and I decided to bust out the leather jacket again. It's funny to look at these photos with the old hair (if you haven't already, check out the new 'do here!), but as much as I liked it red/orange/whatever, I'm totally in love with the new, more neutral one. ;) But, to the outfit itself:

 photo DSC09271.jpg

Notice how the jeans look funny? Well, that's because they are waxed or something so that there's star shapes all over them. Too bad that in this light, they didn't show much. Here, I tried to get warm enough by layering a top, a chunky knit and a leather jacket, and by adding a infinity scarf and a lovely bright pink cap.

 photo DSC09275.jpg

 photo DSC09278.jpg

 photo DSC09283.jpg

 photo 276d1f9b-790e-4a78-907e-39f8ff02745e.jpg
(Tried out some editing to this, and got it weirdly looking like a daylight shot. But, as an amateur that I am, couldn't figure this out for the other pictures...)
 photo 29fc80e0-c497-42f0-baff-36ce38fc3932.jpg

Jeans: New Yorker Knit: Cubus Leather jacket: second hand Furry boots: Kenkämarski Infinity scarf: Indiska Knit cap: Cubus Bag: Mango

So, a simple and yet again casual outfit, but that's how I stay warm in Winter. I'm so glad it finally starts to get warmer so I can start switching to skirts and other girly looks - though it will take few days/weeks before I can really say it's Spring here. ;)

But, what do you think about this look? ♥

Now it's time for my favorite pastime: blog reading. I'm so behind on every blog possible I simply have to catch up right away. ;)

Have a lovely weekend/Easter, lovelies! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. I am loving this look :) You are very pretty dear :) I cannot wait myself for the weather to warm up.

    1. Thank you so much, love! :) And I know what you mean, it's been too cold for much too long ;) ♥

  2. Such a cute look. I love how the pink hat looks with the rest of the outfit.


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