Pori Jazz 2013

Heya lovelies!

What are you all up to today? ♥

I am currently dyeing my hair a bit - you'll see what I'm talking about soon enough - and watching Sex and the City series over for what seems to be a hundredth time. This week has been all about relaxing for me, and I haven't spent that much time on the laptop these past few days.

Anyhow, today I thought it was time to share my another day with boys - the one when we went to see what's happening on Pori Jazz Festival this year. I must say, I'm not the biggest fan of the music they play there (even though there's so much more than jazz), but it's nice to go see the event as it is so traditional Pori event.

 photo 0d53c108-5aa1-452b-a5e7-2bcc1e6d4d31.jpg

So, we didn't spend all the time on the Jazz street, but instead, we went to hang out in Kirjurinluoto. The boys showed me the animals that are kept there for the summer, and naturally I was super excited about that.

 photo e29a5dd5-aa81-43de-9d52-a7b9e1b822a6.jpg

This fella totally knew how to pose, it was hilarious when I went close to him with camera and talked to him, he started to show off his posing. Adorable.

 photo 00b987d5-fe7e-4861-9f47-9f7b0c761d10.jpg

 photo eba22b9f-b378-4eea-b0ca-5f9fd55913df.jpg

And this lovely goat ♥ He (or is it a she, I don't know) was very curious about my fingers and soon after this he licked my hand. It was weird and cute at the same time. But damn I love goats, they're so cute.

 photo 29c3e389-e479-423f-8b91-d460046ef210.jpg

And they know how to do neat tricks, too!

 photo a35b8877-c8c5-43d6-bfb0-a2a4642d17e2.jpg

We walked around and saw these ducks nearby.

 photo d0afee10-e554-432d-8fb8-18c7003882e0.jpg

And this seagull, who apparently didn't feel like he belonged.

 photo 3989620e-1ba3-4151-9611-195cd614d7c0.jpg

Now, a note for anyone thinking of approaching ducks at the park: do not offer your hand for them to smell (yes I do know they're not dogs, but somehow it seemed a great idea at the time) as they might want to take a bite out of it. These bird brains decided my hand is something to eat and the one in front actually bit me a bit. Still, I'm not scared of them, just telling you not to do the same mistake I did, haha.

 photo b6a429e6-3214-4e8e-a288-d049d30d8fb5.jpg

On our way back to the Jazz street, we saw this guy doing some pretty fun tricks on the water. Can anyone tell me what this form of sports is called? It looked so fun, but I need to know the name to find out more about it.

 photo 3d421035-8f07-4640-89ce-49cfb7453e64.jpg

This year I could resist the temptation that is the fudge stall. Thank you, small budget, you make my decisions so much easier, haha.

 photo 17cfa72f-d889-40f7-b92d-bd9ec9c4e5f2.jpg

Soon, me and my fiance parted from our friend, and headed to find a place to take few outfit shots.

 photo 9538ac39-4420-4ede-b77a-c0e0618f1081.jpg

 photo 8d989b8c-f105-4c7a-9f64-dfee8c62e79a.jpg

Learning to take cute detail pics... Still so far from being a half decent photographer, haha.

 photo a52781dd-553b-411d-80b6-458b8c098990.jpg

We decided it would be fun to take pictures on the sea shore, so we headed to Kallo, where there's big rocks and a lighthouse, which makes a nice background for photos.

 photo 9585a5f3-0fb9-46d0-a4b6-f2c024818ea0.jpg

 photo c6763808-54ac-4c3f-98df-a34f7dd19775.jpg

 photo 3509b351-7bc1-4447-bf01-617cea148274.jpg

 photo ad39a94a-f478-4405-8a76-f58658b9bf41.jpg

 photo a2ea5f6c-c90b-44af-9b76-17c83dca5822.jpg

 photo 141aa1fd-8868-48e1-b971-aa36b924a918.jpg

 photo acf49f4c-ee64-4f82-8913-b5ceb2cd3d1a.jpg

 photo 36b9c163-7b83-489c-9c1d-d62d5855ba8a.jpg

 photo 1ae7c566-3d85-431f-96ff-9e7edaf60621.jpg
 photo 6a81ac5f-14da-412f-bcd3-9665246b866f.jpg

 photo 2ea61159-3ba6-4a59-8323-356ede444687.jpg

 photo 6d8677e0-2340-4971-9d9e-20ecd92c1744.jpg

Top: H&M/DIY Shorts: Gina Tricot (sale) Sneakers: Skopunkten Jacket: H&M Earrings: Gina Tricot Bracelets: Gina Tricot Rubber bracelets: Charity campaigns Cross ring: Gina Tricot

So, a simple look, messy hair and loads of wind. I like it. I may not look like a model (well, I'm a meter shorter than an average model, lol), but I think that despite the circumstances, I managed to look decent in the pics. This is very much the kind of style I want to have more of less every day. So, be prepared for that, haha.

But, what do you guys think about this look? And, what do you want to see more in your closet this Autumn? Share your thoughts in the comment box! ♥

I'm off to bed now, but I have a few more fun post for you this week. Don't forget to check out my Instagram or the blog's Facebook page for extra footage!

Have a fabulous day! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. Lovely pics... especially love that first animal. Was that a peacock?

    Cool blog!

    Catherine (your newest follower via GFC)

  2. Sounds like a fun festival - those animals are so cute. And love the outfit too - it's such a cute top.

  3. These are so beautiful pictures!!!

  4. I love your converse sneakers!! The goat is so funny, so cute that he kissed you.

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