Pray for Boston (and some nail art)

Hi everyone

I'm sure most of you have already heard about the tragedy that happened at the Boston Marathon yesterday. I was going to write a more cheerful post, but I can't shake the thought of the innocent people getting hurt like that from my mind. I hope all of you are safe - and that your loved ones are too. I think it's horrible how someone could even think about doing something like that - let alone actually doing it. We can only hope this was some random crazy person, and not a start for something truly horrible.

Okay, I try not to rant about it anymore, but anyone who is touched by the incident, my heart and prayers go out to you. No one should ever need to go anything like that. But, even through this, we should try to keep our chin up, and keep writing about the small, sometimes even superficial stuff, that makes us happy. Like in my case: nails, fashion, food. :D

And today, I'm going to talk a little bit about nails. Here are two nail looks from February (I know, I'm so behind...) that thought were pretty nice and all.

 photo 9e89e8dc-fa77-4b74-9750-910781e227ea.jpg

These were my Oscars-inspired nails I did while watching the event itself. Nothing too special, I just played with caviar after a long while, and did a little ruffian manicure at the same time.

 photo 7cc1859d-983c-4306-9990-eb13486bb224.jpg

Excuse the horrid shape/condition of my nails here, these were right after the move, the trip to Sweden, and other events, so I didn't have the time then to keep them as nice as I'd liked.

 photo 54674d35-a5a5-424f-9589-be8cf1a1e28c.jpg

I chose to use black and gold, because I thought they'd be totally appropriate for the Oscars - and really, with a little more neatly done, why couldn't someone have this kind of nails for a party? ;)

The other set today is more of the classic me, so, if you are sick of the leopard print, close this tab now!

 photo DSC09446.jpg

Yeah, it's neon pink, it has a little touch of silver, and there's leopard print. So totally me. :D

 photo DSC09449.jpg

Haha, I don't know about you, but somehow to me, my nails look like plastic here. :D They're so shiny and all. I really liked this style personally - and though I know it's not anything new or original, it's something I prefer most of the times, as it's very quick to do.

 photo DSC09453.jpg

But hey, that's all I have this time - because now I need to get back to my school stuff. In couple of weeks I can start making a bit longer posts again, which I'm personally pretty excited about. ;)

Now, I would like to hear your thoughts. What do you think about these manicures? ♥

I'll get back to you as soon as I possibly can!

Have a lovely day, and tell people you love them - you never know when you won't get the second chance. Pray for Boston. ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. I've been praying for Boston. It was such a tragedy.

  2. Honey I was shocked by the news too and I just bust out crying.
    A lot of bad stuff has happened around this couple of weeks.
    I totally agree that we need to keep our chin up no matter what and pray for everyone involved

    1. Exactly, no point on getting too depressed. We can spread positivity by being positive.

  3. I was really upset about it! You do the best designs Johanna. Love that black and gold.

    1. Thank you - and yes, I understand, I was completely shocked by it!


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