Red Tiger vs. Holographic Silver

Heya babes!

What have you all been up to this weekend? ♥

I have been hanging out with boys, not using the laptop or cell phone nearly at all, and just chilling out having fun with sports and video games. And okay, yes, we did go to a bar too - which was quite fun as well.

Anyway, today I was supposed to post more about our trip to north, but as I'm literally too tired to go through hundreds of pics again, I decided to publish these nail photos instead. (I'll get back to the travel posts tomorrow, when I have the whole morning to edit to pics.)

 photo DSC03996Large-1.jpg

So, today, nail art stuff. This first manicure is something simple I did a while back when I had this nail art/tea and sympathy evening with two of my friends from school. I wasn't really sure what to do, and didn't really plan these out, but they came out pretty nice after all.

 photo DSC03970Large-1.jpg

I wanted to do a Autumn themed manicure colorwise, and I decided I should this time try out some other pattern than leopard print - as I can only imagine how bored you all must be with my endless leopard print manis, hehe!

 photo DSC03980Large-1.jpg

I only used two polishes here, Essie Thigh High and China Glaze I Herd That. I painted the tiger stripes with free hand (and clearly I need more practice) and painted the tips of pinkies with the help of tape. The crosses on thumbs are just two pieces of striping tape, and the studs on index fingers are from a Kiss package of nail art studs.

 photo DSC03975Large.jpg

I personally liked this mani kinda lot after all - even if I was pretty skeptic about it at first. Also, it kinda set off my love for burgundy even though I haven't been too comfy with it ever before.

 photo DSC03988Large.jpg

After this mani, I wanted to do something quite different and more simple.

 photo DSC04115Large.jpg

So I went for holographic silver manicure with very little detail.

 photo DSC04109Large.jpg

With using striping tape as my only tool besides, of course, the nail polishes, I created this very, very simple manicure. I painted the nails with the desired colors, added black to the tips of the silver nails, created cross on one nail with two pieces of black striping tape and added two silver stripes to each black nail. It's pretty much as easy as nail art gets, really.

 photo DSC04111Large.jpg

Polishes I used here were Essie Licorice and Make Up Store Greta. Both of them are trusted favorites of mine, and I feel they're perfect for Autumn nails.

 photo DSC04099Large.jpg

As much as I love holographic polishes, they're almost as painful to photograph as glitter polishes and neons, but I hope these sunlight shots give you some idea how lovely polish Greta really is. It shines in the colors of the rainbow, like you're having a gazillion little diamonds on your nails. But really, these photos don't really do justice to it. (also, sorry for the messy cleanup, I don't know why I've been so sloppy with it)

 photo DSC04100Large.jpg

So, here are the manis this time - metallic being the theme, I guess... :D

What do you guys think about these? What kind of colors are you wearing on your nails on Autumn?

Now, I'm going to help myself to a cup of decaf tea and a good book so that I'll get myself up early in the morning for a morning jog ♥

Have a lovely day!

Blog ya later,




  1. those are super cool!
    I've got to grow my nails back out to do that!
    You should definitely do a YouTube tutorial.

    1. Thanks honey, I suppose I should figure out the video making to create easy-to-follow tutorials :) ♥

  2. those are super cute!
    you should do a YouTube tutorial on one.

    xoxo Jen

  3. Wow! Impressive nail art!! I love deep reds for the autumn and winter :)

  4. Your manicures are always so pretty and detailed! I love the tiger stripes - it will look really good in a holographic version too :)

    steph /

    1. Thanks love! Holographic tiger print really sounds cool - I need to try that later! ♥

  5. These are gorgeous, can't wait until my nails grow back & I'm adoring your rings

    LaaLaa xo
    Dolce Vanity || YouTube

    1. Thank you so much, LaaLaa! The rings really are so adorable, I love them too :) ♥

  6. These are so dope and I want the tiger one so much!!!

    1. Hehe, we could do that for your nails once we get together in the future ;) ♥

  7. love the nails! you're so good at it :) thanks for always being a great support of my blog girl.. appreciate it so so much. Virtual hug! Have a good week X

    1. Aww, thanks babe! And a virtual hug right back at ya, your blog is way adorable and absolutely one of my favorites ♥

  8. I LOVE them both-- especially the black and white one! Holy moly so gorgeous! AND your rings are out of this world amazing, Johanna! I need them all!

    1. Thanks a lot! The rings are from H&M so there you can maybe still find sets like that :) ♥

  9. gaawjuss.. duno which one i like more lol! that holo polish is sooo nice.. xx

    1. I know, right? The holo is absolutely stunning in real life, picture hardly captures the awesomeness! ♥


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