Wisdom Wednesday: We Must Do Better

I thought I'd be getting back to blogging with something way more lighter but with what's been happening in the US (the George Floyd case and more), hopping here to talk about just skin care or something felt a little tone deaf. So instead, I'm using my little space on the Internet to share some resources that I've been familiarizing with lately in order to find ways to help people who are victims of racism. Being a (white) Finn, it's hard to picture a society where people have to actively be scared because if their skin color, and moreover to be afraid of police. And that right there is my privilege speaking. Privilege, which I would rather use for greater good - and that's exactly what I'm trying to do with this post.

To be honest with you, I'm not an expert in any shape or form in these issues, but just a person wanting to do something so that people won't have to live in fear. My extended family just recently grew with couple of little babies, and it would break me if they had to live in fear just because of something they're born with - yet that's the reality for too many people. That's not okay, and none of us should tolerate that. 

Leopard Nails

Two weeks flew by faster than I ever expected, and here I am posting this one a week late. I'm sorry, but there's been a lot on my mind, things that are quite a bit more important than blog writing as much as this is my creative outlet and passion project. But to be perfectly honest, I've had to prioritize things that actually pay my bills and/or keep me healthy.

But today, I finally share this cute but simple nail art design with you, along with what I used to create it.

leopard french mani

Jeffree Star Blood Lust Collection Review

This post is massively overdue, but hey, here we go. I'm not going to further address the elephant in the room that is the pandemic, because I assume if you're reading this instead of the news, you rather escape the reality for a minute o few. So do I. And therefore without further ado, let's take a moment to discuss Jeffree Star Blood Lust collection, and more specifically the items I got from it; the palette and the mini lipstick bundle. At the end of the post, I'll also show you some of the looks I've made with the palette. 

blood lust palette

Nails For The Trip (and how I make them last for a week!)

As you know, last week I was on a trip. For that trip, I created a set of galaxy nails to fit me and my bestie's Cosmic Twinsies theme, because anything galaxy just fit us so well. Long story short, we feel this true cosmic connection and therefore refer ourselves as cosmic twinsies. We also are very, very similar in many ways, hence the twinsie part. In this post, I'm not only sharing what products to use for a mani like this, but also how to make it last as long as possible. As I'm typing this, the nails have been on over a week, and apart from one split tip, they're basically like new still. 

galaxy nails

How to Pack 6-day Trip in Carry-On Luggage

Today I'm wanting to write about something I'm not an expert in, but I figured someone out there might get some use out of this. I'm sharing how I packed for a 6-day trip in the middle of winter with just carry-on luggage and one personal item. And let me be honest, it was challenging.


Jeffree Star Holiday Mystery Box 2019

Hey my babes! The inconsistent blogger friend here trying to make a consistent week out of this one. Not sure if we'll make it into one but we'll see. I have potentially four posts planned for this week and hopefully, they're all be out as planned. I want to start the week by talking about Jeffree Star Mystery Box, which I finally received so I can actually talk about it properly.

jsc mystery box

Support Sunday: Unicorn Princess Markie (Alia Tempora)

Today is my great pleasure to continue my Support Sunday series by talking about a woman who is not only an inspiration to me, but also I would dare to say we're friends. At least that's how it feels whenever we talk together. The woman in question is the lead singer of Alia Tempora, Markéta Morávková - or as we fans call her, Markie. 

2020 Goals

New year, new opportunities, new goals.

As the decade starts and new one begins, as well as my 30th birthday drawing closer and closer, it feels like the perfect time to set some goals, less than before but maybe more meaningful ones in a way. So for the year 2020, I'm setting myself 30 (+1) goals I intend to achieve during the year. Some are easy and I know they'll come through, some require quite a bit of work. But that's the fun of it. (The picture is the same as yesterday, don't mind that!)

Cat playing